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Architectural design

Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and constructing space that reflects functional, social, and aesthetic considerations. It requires the manipulation and coordination of material, technology, light, and shadow.
Architecture is the art of building in which human requirements and construction materials are related so as to furnish practical use as well as an aesthetic solution. As an art, architecture is essentially abstract and nonrepresentational and involves the manipulation of the relationships of spaces, volumes, planes, masses, and voids.

An architectural designer is an architect that is primarily involved in the design of buildings or urban landscapes, as opposed to the construction documents and management required to construct it. Architectural designers have good creative skills, imagination and artistic talent. Although most students of architecture are trained to be designers in school, not all become designers in practice.

Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive. Interior design involves a multitude of technical, analytical, creative skills, and understandings of architectural elements. The work of an interior designer draws upon many disciplines including architecture, environmental psychology, product design, and traditional aesthetics decoration. Design of interior spaces is closely related to architecture. The designer's goal is to produce a coordinated and harmonious whole in which the architecture, site, function, and visual aspects of the interior are unified, pleasing to mind and body, and appropriate to the activities to be pursued there. Design criteria include harmony of color, texture, lighting, scale, and proportion. Furnishings must be in proportion to the space they occupy and to the needs and lifestyles of the residents.

Architectural design challenges

Your living and working environment should reflect the character and style of you, your family and your work. Make sure you make a good impression with great architectural design. To achieve this requires an empathy and understanding, a sense of balance and proportion coupled with effective and imaginative space planning.

Architectural designer is responsible for the interior and exterior design, decoration, and functionality of a client’s space, whether the space is commercial, industrial, or residential. The position is a combination of engineer and artist, and it takes a unique type of mind to handle both of those concepts well. Architectural designers must know how to plan a space and how to render that plan visually, so that it can be conveyed to the client. They must also be knowledgeable about the materials and products that will be used to create and furnish the space, and about how texture, color, lighting and other factors combine and interact to give a space its "feel" or "look." In addition, they must understand the construction and structural requirements of their plans, and many other technical aspects.

AGD has the solution

AGD can help your business. We create interior and exterior environments, which are pleasing and functional for the people who live and work within them.Our specialty is creating architectural designs to enhance the beauty and functionality for residences and commercial properties.

We are comfortable with spatial planning and can help design and renovate interiors, right from drawing up the initial floor plans to placing the last decorative accent. Our goal is to help our clients wisely invest their time, energy and resources by creating exciting, interior and exterior living spaces that are functional, safe, inviting, cost-effective andeasy to maintain.

Whether you are looking to update a room, or decorate your new house, your living environment is our business.

The AGD solution in detail

AGD designing process includes:
  • Analyzing the client's requirements
  • Formulating design concepts
  • Presenting concepts, getting client feedback, and revising the plan as needed
  • Preparing final drawings and specifications
  • Overseeing the implementation of the design
In the initial stages of a project, the architect will thoroughly question the client about the needs and desires of the finished project. Usually this comprises a site visit and a detailed consultation. From this information a schematic plan will be developed and presented to insure the project is true to the vision of the client.Initial floor plans and rough-draft elevations will be reviewed, including material choices and site requirements. Any changes and new requests will be incorporated into the schematic design. Once the schematic plans are approved, drafting proceeds with the final drawings. Complete and accurate drawings assure the client of a project that meets or exceeds required codes and regulations with a minimum or errors.

In many building projects our role includes coordinating with a team of specialist consultants such as landscape architects, engineers, surveyors, builders and subcontractors.

When we are involved at the earliest planning stage, we gain more opportunities to understand your business or family situation, develop creative solutions, and propose ways to reduce costs.

Why hire AGD?

  • We have architectural knowledge and over twenty years’ experience to give you the results you're dreaming of for your home.
  • We work closely with clients to determine the structure of a space, the needs of the occupants, and the style that best suits both.
  • We view each project as an individual creation and are not satisfied until you are.
  • We will take the time necessary to work with you so that you feel confident your home reflects your tastes and aspirations
  • AGD provides friendly, professional architectural advice to anyone. We believe that no matter how small or big your project is, it is important and deserves the highest level of professional service.
  • Considering that for most people, their home is their biggest asset, the decision to work with a professional architectural designer is absolutely essential to the success of your project.
  • AGD can save you money by maximizing your investment. We believe that a well-designed building can reduce your bills now and increase its long-term value.
  • We can take your brief and can see the big picture. We look beyond your immediate requirements to design flexible buildings that will adapt with the changing needs of your business or family.
  • We providea single point of contact and constant access to expertise.
  • We assure you transparent costs and affordable prices.
Good architectural design isn’t decoration, good design is problem solving.

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