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Sample graphic design projects

The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia
  • graphic design of annual, semi-annual and quarterly reports on real estate value in Slovenia
  • design of various publications and demonstration folders
  • business logo design for the Mass Real Estate Valuation Office

Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Slovenia
  • complete graphical image for the project integrated public passenger traffic

Centre for Information Service, Co-operation and Development of NGOs - CNVOS
  • graphic design of catalog

University of Maribor, Faculty of Chemistry
and Chemical Engineering
  • design of educational materials
  • flyers, newsletters, brochures for the project ECO HUB

Zavod tolovaj
  • development of picture books and CD-covers
  • series of books about characters Lumpi

Monel Pro
  • graphic design of flyers
  • presentation catalogs (English, German, Croatian, Russian)

Publishing House Tehniska zalozba
  • book sale catalogues design
  • the book “100 Medicinal Plants”
  • graphic design of covers for elementary school, year 9 Math text books
  • graphic design of covers for elementary school Technical and Technology text books
  • graphical design of posters Nodi, advertisements about publishing new books ...

EMA 3000
  • complete graphical image of the Magical December for BTC city

  • demonstration leaflets

Metka Rojec
  • children's picture books

  • creation of the presentation leaflet
  • design of the logo

  • graphic design of the presentation leaflet

Projects for enterprises:

  • complete graphical image for Fersped
  • complete graphical image for Linnair
  • development of websites for Dom interior, Fersped
  • presentation of Slovenia on overlays for the Information Office of the Republic of Slovenia
  • market stand and prospectus for Luka Koper and Slovenske zeleznice at a market in Peking
  • prospectus “Recreation in Slovenia” for the Ministry of Economy
  • menus and wine cards for the Grand Hotel Union
  • packing for Zima
  • catalogue of swimsuits for Lisca

Publishing House Mladinska knjiga
  • complete graphical image of elementary school geography and Slovenian grammar books
  • design and dtp of novel breaks, picture books, handbooks ...
  • Medicinal Plants in Slovenia (book, calendar)
  • The World 2000

Publishing House Izolit
  • complete graphical image of a series of elementary school music text books
  • complete graphical image of a series of elementary school Slovenian grammar books

  • annual sale catalogues of gift-programme collection
  • design of gift-programme collection (pouches, paper, greeting cards)
  • concept for market presentation of POT in Frankfurt Paperworld (market place, folders, pouches, invitations ...)

Architectural consulting

  • interior design of various houses and flats
  • schemes of gardens and organization of terraces
  • development of furniture ...
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